About US

Founded in 1947, the South Columbia County Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) was formed to help foster healthy business growth.

The SCCC board has adopted a plan that will steer the organization and keep it on course assisting businesses now and in the future. The plan focuses on four initiatives:

  • Enhancing business connections
  • Providing resources for business growth and health
  • Providing education for business owners by business owners
  • Legislative advocacy for regional business vitality

Our Vision

Our vision is a thriving business community involving chamber members of all types from solopreneurs to large corporations and individuals to nonprofits and local government.

  1. Healthy budget that allows for investment in the community
  2. Diverse revenue streams
  3. Welcoming gateway to South Columbia County
  4. Thriving liaison and community leader
  5. Active members that include all types of members
  6. Engaged & committed board

5 Year Plan:

  1. Refine how we provide value to our members
  2. 60% business membership
  3. Bi-monthly coffee and commerce
  4. The collective voice of business in South Columbia County
  5. Functional board
  6. Active community committees / Liaisons
  7. The chamber building is a welcoming gateway to Main Street
  8. Inclusive – active members that include all types of members
  9. A healthy budget that allows for investment in the community

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